Meet Sandra Yvonne.

Tour Amor was birthed out of the necessity to reconnect those of African ancestry in the Americas and the Caribbean to one another. Our founder, Sandra Yvonne, was born and raised in Puerto Rico to an Afro-Puerto Rican dad and Mexican-American mom. Growing up Sandra took notice of the disparity and colorism in her own family.


Traveling became the ultimate platform which introduced and educated Sandra Yvonne into all the numerous ethnic groups that were formed by the African Diaspora between the years 1500 to 1800’s. Through her travels Sandra Yvonne made several observations:


1. A vast majority of Afro-Latinos in the Caribbean, Central, and South America have significantly preserved its ties to the customs that connect us to the mother land- Africa.


2. Many African Americans in the USA are oblivious to the rich African culture that still permeates in Spanish speaking Caribbean, Central, and South America.


3. A major gap that exists amongst the different ethnicities that were formed during and post the African Diaspora.


It was at that point Sandra Yvonne knew that she was just the right person to lead this charge in bridging the gap. It was in 2019 that Tour Amor LLC was officially born! As urban travel and tourism continues to grow, Sandra Yvonne wholeheartedly believes that offering and curating group travel experiences to such regions is the most effective method to bridge the gap amongst descendants of the African Diaspora.

It is our desire that you will join Sandra Yvonne & Tour Amor on your next cultural travel journey!

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